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Public Safety

Strengthen Global Supply Chains During COVID-19

DHS S&T's COEs recently hosted a series of invitation-only COVID-19 Supply Chain Workshops to address current pandemic challenges, discuss key lessons learned and pinpoint areas in which future research investments can be made.

S&T’s New Virtual Reality

DHS S&T will be participating in the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) Virtual, from August 24 to 27, with CISA.

Snapshot: SCIRA Smart Cities St. Louis Leading Example

St. Louis was selected as the site for the first Smarty City Interoperability Reference Architecture (SCIRA) exercise. The pilot program brought together first responders, city managers and other stakeholders, and through a series of realistic disaster scenarios, demonstrated how smart city technology can transform municipal emergency response.


TAK is a cloud-native server application that facilitates exchange of situational awareness data.

Snapshot: Growing Impact of TAK

The Team Awareness Kit (TAK) is the emerging DHS-wide solution for situational awareness. Its exceptional tactical value has been proven time and again.


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