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Public Safety

st Information Sharing Safeguarding and Federated ICAM

Information sharing and safeguarding (IS&S) is a fundamental need of the U.S. public safety community. The community's IS&S requirements are substantial and increasing since it must respond to a wide-range of challenging, multi-agency emergencies such as opioid overdoses, school shooting incidents, and large-scale natural disasters.

ST-Incident Management Software

Incident management software (IMS) consists of a suite of tools that collect and manage critical incident data in a collaborative environment to aid decision-making. IMS captures diverse, multilayered information to provide first responders and emergency managers with knowledge critical to managing no-notice incidents and planned events at any scale. Emergency management, fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and other first response agencies use IMS for incident planning, multiagency coordination, resource allocation, and asset tracking.


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