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  4. Resources for Leaders of Faith-Based Communities, Organizations, and Institutions

Resources for Leaders of Faith-Based Communities, Organizations, and Institutions to Protect Against Targeted Violence

DHS, along with our partners at all levels of government, will continue to help community leaders prepare for and respond to a range of public safety challenges.

Below is a variety of DHS resources that may be helpful to leaders of faith-based communities, organizations, and institutions when facing heightened threats of targeted violence and terrorism.

  • Resources for Community Organizations and Service Providers

    Training and course offerings, services, and funding resources for community organizations to address targeted violence.

  • Security and Resilience Resources for At-Risk Communities

    Physical security and community resources, including PSAs, Faith-Based/Houses of Worship, School Safety, and broader counterterrorism/targeted violence programs related to at-risk communities and publicly accessible locations.

  • Protecting Houses of Worship Landing Page

    A first stop shop for guidance and resources to inform Faith-based organizations and places of worship on security-based decisions.

  • Protecting Places of Worship: Six Steps to Enhance Security Against Targeted Violence

    Six steps from CISA that can help protect places of worship against potential threats of targeted violence in a cost-effective manner that maintains an open and welcoming environment.

  • Protecting Places of Worship: Perimeter Security Considerations

    This CISA infographic outlines low-to-no cost solutions to help implement suggested practices and highlights ways to identify funding for security improvements.

  • Immigration Relief in Emergencies or Unforeseen Circumstances

    Unforeseen circumstances, such as natural catastrophes (hurricanes, etc.), national emergencies (public health emergencies), or severe illness (including COVID), can sometimes affect the processing of your USCIS application, petition, or immigration request.

  • Allied Against Hate: A Toolkit for Faith Communities

    This toolkit describes practical steps faith communities can take to prevent acts of hate, discrimination, and bias, and to demonstrate solidarity with targeted communities if such acts tragically do occur.

  • "If You See Something, Say Something®" Campaign Resources

    Materials to help community leaders, public safety officials, and faith-based organizations/places of worship encourage community members to report signs of suspicious activity to local authorities and help prevent terrorism-related incidents.

  • Prevention Resource Finder

    The Prevention Resource Finder provides stakeholders with information on the resources needed to help prepare for and prevent targeted violence and terrorism across our country.

  • Resources for Individuals on the Threat of Doxing

    This infographic defines what doxing is and outlines proactive steps individuals can take to prevent themselves from doxing.

  • Mitigating Harm from Violent Visual Content: CP3 Prevention Resource

    In the wake of an act of targeted violence or terrorism, individuals and communities may be exposed to violent images, videos, and other disturbing content. This resource provides practical, evidence-based guidance to help protect communities, families, and individuals, while also decreasing the likelihood of violence.

  • Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships Overview

    The Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3) seeks a resilient America where communities are united to help end targeted violence and terrorism. This resource provides an overview of CP3's mission, vision, and activities.

Last Updated: 06/24/2024
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