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The Open Government Plan for DHS

The Department of Homeland Security’s Open Government plan version 3.0 builds upon the success of the prior plans and focuses on how the tenets of Open Government support the DHS Mission.  The Administration set the vision for Open Government in 2009 with President Obama’s Memo on Transparency in Government and the follow on Open Government Directive from the Office of Management and Budget.  Throughout his Administration, the President has prioritized making government more open and accountable, and has taken substantial steps to increase citizen participation, collaboration, and transparency in government.

At the inaugural Open Government Partnership meeting on September 20, 2011, President Obama reiterated his belief “that the strongest foundation for human progress lies in open economies, open societies, and in open governments.” The United States has worked both domestically and internationally to ensure global support for Open Government principles to promote transparency; fight corruption; energize civic engagement; and leverage new technologies in order to strengthen the foundations of freedom in our own nation and abroad.”

In December 2013, the Obama Administration released the second “Open Government National Action Plan for the United States of America,” which included 23 new or expanded open government commitments. The new National Action Plan gives us more guidance for improving the pillars of transparency, collaboration, and participation and is integrated into our new plan. The new plan expands upon our efforts to modernize the Freedom of Information Act processes, improve public participation, increase transparency in government spending, and open government data through various existing and new initiatives. 

In an on-going effort to support the National Action Plan and the Open Government Directive, and in consideration of stakeholders from the private and public sectors, DHS is proud to release the DHS Open Government plan version 3.0. Building upon plan versions 1.0 and 2.0, plan version 3.0 continues the great work that was started and identifies new flagship initiatives to further promote Open Government.

Previous Open Government Plans

The prior version of the plan is provided for transparency purposes.

Last Published Date: July 22, 2015

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