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What DHS Does

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is large and is made of up seven operational component agencies, numerous directorates, and support components. Each component has its own unique areas of responsibility for keeping the Homeland and its residents safe. From protecting the President and stopping the flow of drugs into the country to preventing acts of terrorism and helping communities recover from natural disasters, all parts of DHS are unified in their effort to advance the Homeland Security mission, working daily to prepare against and respond to any manner of crisis that may hit the United States.

To understand how Department's different parts work together to protect the Homeland, click through the scenarios listed below.

  • What DHS does during Steady State

    Steady State refers to the Department of Homeland Security's activities during normal operations. Here, in brief, is what the many operational and support components that make up the Department are responsible for doing on the day-to-day.

  • What DHS does during an Explosives Terrorist Attack

    What DHS does to mobilize during a terrorist event involving explosives.

  • What DHS does during Major Storms and Severe Weather Events

    Major storms or hurricanes are those impacting the United States resulting in direct economic loses of greater than $100 million. Here's what DHS does to respond natural threats and help communities recover.

  • What DHS does during a Cyber Attack

    The United States depends on Critical Infrastructure to support national defense, public health and safety, economic vitality, and overarching society well-being. Disruptions or significant damage to Critical Infrastructure could result in potentially catastrophic and cascading consequences to the Nation. Here’s what DHS does during an incident against critical information technology systems.

  • What DHS does during Pandemics

    A pandemic is a global epidemic of an infectious disease. Here’s what DHS does to mitigate the impact of a pandemic on homeland security, health and safety, critical infrastructure and the basic functions of American society.

  • What DHS Does During a Political Convention

    The Republican and Democratic National Conventions were designated National Security Special Events (NSSEs) by the Department of Homeland Security and, because of this special designation, were staffed by 2,600- 3,000 Homeland Security personnel, in conjunction with other federal agencies.

Last Updated: 07/14/2022
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