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AccessibilityFrequently Asked QuestionsTechnical Support

Accessibility is personal to all of us

DHS is committed to ensure all events are accessible, even if they're virtual.

Because Accessibility Day is a virtual event, technical issues are bound to happen. In the following section, we explain our accommodation strategy plan to ensure a smooth experience.

Please contact us if you need anything else.

All-in-One Materials Download
Submit Request for Accommodation

Sign Language (ASL)

DHS will provide a team of three American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for both days. There will be one interpreter visible on the screen for most sessions that are 30 minutes or less. When there is a panel discussion, it's possible a team of at least two interpreters will work together in synchronization on the screen. If and when an active interpreter has technical difficulties, relief interpreters are on stand-by to take over quickly to ensure communication facilitation is not interrupted and continue to be effective.

Captioning (CART)

DHS will provide live captioning through a certified machine stenographer (as known as court reporter). Captioning will be feed into Adobe Connect's captioning pod where you are able to configure the captioning style to your preference (e.g. font, text size, text color, background color). DHS can provide the captioning URL if needed upon request.

Electronic Materials

DHS will post all electronic materials on this website. You can find these materials by navigating to the "Schedule" page. Click on "More Info" for the presentation you are looking for, then you will see the "Materials" section where there are download buttons. For convenience, we will provide an "all-in-one" download button on this page two days prior to the event for the Blind or Low-Vision Community to receive materials in advance.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Assistive Technology

Adobe authored a helpful white paper on accessibility for Adobe Connect that includes keyboard shortcuts and tips for screen reader users. You can download the white paper here. Adobe developed the Adobe Connect version 11 with accessibility in mind and tested using JAWS 13 as a benchmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHS Accessibility Day?

DHS Accessibility Day 2021 is a two-day, free digital event experience that brings together people with disabilities, accessibility professionals, and allies within DHS to enhance the user experience through accessible technology. Even people who may not have anything to do with technology or accessibility are encouraged to join us. The event will be held over two days: Wednesday, May 12 from 10 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. and Thursday, May 13 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.

Who should attend DHS Accessibility Day?

YOU! Really, DHS Accessibility Day is for everybody! People with disabilities, allies, partners, accessibility professionals, and even those who are not tech-savvy. We encourage anybody who is passionate about disability and accessibility topics to attend and connect with this community of peers and experts.

Why should I attend DHS Accessibility Day?

With your participation, we hope you will be empowered to:

  • Expand your knowledge base and your skills around accessibility and inclusively tools and resources offered in DHS environments.
  • Gain deeper insights on turning technical accessibility expertise into greater outcomes for your programs or projects.
  • Connect with experts to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for Section 508 and accessibility.
  • Engage with the disability community, DHS leadership, and experts from both DHS and industry.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate. Please don't forget to register, though!

Do I need to sign up for sessions that I want to watch on May 12 or May 13? If so, how?

We encourage attendees to register by clicking on the blue "Registration" button at top right corner of this webpage. You will be automatically registered for BOTH days. You do not have to sign up separately for a particular session; feel free to join us late to watch a particular session or leave early if you want to.

What if sessions are taking place during a time when I cannot participate?

No worries, you won't miss a thing! All sessions will be available on demand 1-2 business days post-event and you can find it on this website's “Schedule” page. You will be able to view the recorded content at your leisure after the event.

What will happen between sessions?

We have a lot to squeeze in! Transition times between sessions will be brief, approximately 5 minutes. Of course, there are lunch breaks too. During these breaks, we will provide attendees with logistical information (which presentation to expect next) and videos will play in the background to keep everybody entertained. Remember to take breaks from your computer!

Will sessions be recorded and posted on demand?

All sessions will be available on demand 1-2 business days post-event and you can find them on this website's “Schedule” page. You will be able to view the recorded content at your leisure after the event.

How to log in and launch the event through Adobe Connect

  1. Click on the red button above or click on the meeting URL from the Accessibility Day reminder email.

  2. Log in to the meeting room as either a guest or an Adobe Connect user:

    1. Select “Enter As A Guest.” Type the name to be used as your identifier in the meeting. Enter appropriate values in the guest access fields; for example: Email ID and contact number, and click “Enter Room.”

    2. Select” Enter With Your Login And Password.” Enter your login name and password.

    3. Click “Enter Room.”

  3. Once you enter the room through browser application, you will be prompted to download the app. For the best experience, we recommend using the Adobe Connect app.

  4. You can click on the “Download app” to install the new Adobe Connect. The installer gets downloaded and the user can switch into the meeting using the Adobe Connect desktop application.

For technical support, please see the next section (at the bottom of this webpage).

I can't log in or open Adobe Connect

Please see the "Technical Support" section below, click on the "Adobe Connect" tab; look for the "I can't get Adobe Connect to open" heading.

Technical Support

Because of the heavy content to cover in the Technical Support section, we encourage you to download the document to optimize your experience participating in the virtual event. The document will cover the following topics:

  • Installation, User Guide, and Troubleshooting Steps for Adobe Connect
  • Bandwidth, equipment, systems recommendations
  • Webcam (for presenters only)
  • Audio (for both presenters and participants)
  • Captioning
  • Registration / Access
  • Accessibility / Assistive Technology (e.g. keyboard shortcuts)

Download Technical Support PDF Document

Last Updated: 12/04/2023
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