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The Department of Homeland Security distributes grant funds to enhance the ability of regional authorities to prepare, prevent and respond to terrorist attacks and other disasters. Localities use grants for planning, equipment, training and exercise needs.

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Find and Apply for Grants

  • FEMA Grants and Assistance Programs
  • FEMA Non-Disaster Grants preparedness program funding to enhance the capacity of state and local emergency responders to prevent, respond to, and recover from a weapons of mass destruction terrorism incident involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive devices and cyberattacks.
  • posts announcements on specific grant programs with application information.
  • Non-Disaster Grant Management System (ND Grants) - a web-based system to support the grants management lifecycle for state, local and tribal grant Programs.
  • FEMA Disaster Assistance Disaster assistance is money or direct assistance to individuals, families and businesses in an area whose property has been damaged or destroyed and whose losses are not covered by insurance. Disaster assistance is restricted to eligible individuals residing within the Presidentially-declared disaster area.  To apply: Application for DHS-related disaster assistance is made through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) site.
  • Transportation Security Administration Surface Transportation Security Grants - DHS provides security grants to mass transit and passenger rail systems, intercity bus companies, freight railroad carriers, ferries and the trucking industry to help protect the public and nation’s critical transportation infrastructure against acts of terrorism and other large-scale events.
  • Research Grants - The Department's Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate invests in scientific research leading to the development of new and innovative technologies. Technologies are developed and transitioned by the Directorate to enhance the mission capabilities of its customers.

DHS Grant Administration Resources

Consumer Alert

Although information about grant programs can be obtained at no cost from your local library or by accessing the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance and, private vendors are marketing/selling information on how to apply for grants.

Also, for the Homeland Security non-disaster grant programs, be aware that unsolicited applications from individuals are generally not accepted. Most Homeland Security non-disaster grant programs are designated for state and local governments and specific entities such as colleges.

Last Published Date: November 10, 2021

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