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Other Intelligence Elements

In addition to five threat-focused mission centers, I&A is also equipped with three other intelligence elements: Current and Emerging Threats Center (CETC), Field Operations Division (FOD) and Homeland Identities, Targeting and Exploitation Center (HITEC). These three components enable the successful completion of our topical mission objectives by enhancing partner collaboration, technological innovation and information sharing. Through unique directives and capabilities, CETC, FOD and HITEC collect, analyze and disseminate actionable intelligence that is crucial for the success of I&A’s mission and the security of the Homeland.

Current and Emerging Threats Center

The Current and Emerging Threats Center (CETC) provides 24/7 indication and warning of threats directed against the Homeland. We specialize in the collection, first-line analysis and dissemination of current, relevant and actionable intelligence. We work closely with our federal, State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) and Intelligence Community (IC) partners.

Field Operations

The Field Operations Division (FOD) focuses on integrating, producing and delivering actionable intelligence by leveraging unique relationship with our State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) partners. We are responsible for three primary functions: leading the intelligence cycle execution in our areas of responsibility; supporting threat-related information sharing to and from SLTT partners, DHS Intelligence Enterprise (IE) and the Intelligence Community (IC); and supporting Fusion Center partners in applying IC resources to execute the intelligence cycle.

Homeland Identities, Targeting & Exploitation Center

The Homeland Identities, Targeting & Exploitation Center (HITEC) accelerates the discovery and delivery of identity and network-based intelligence to counter national security threat actors. We deliver this intelligence by adopting and applying advanced exploitation methods, emerging technologies and sound tradecraft. We conduct advanced technical exploitation and counter-network targeting analytic services to interpret and integrate leads derived from digital media and identity analysis. We are also responsible for the DHS Watchlisting Enterprise, which requires specialization in standards, certification, program management and technologies to enable enterprise operations.

Last Published Date: May 24, 2021

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