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Looking to catch up on CX at DHS? Here you can access every issue of the CX Observer, the official newsletter of the DHS CX/UX Community of Practice.

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December 2022: Lessons Learned Over One Year of the CX Executive Order

Takeaways for Readers

It's been a year since the signing of the Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.

  • The signing of the CX EO has elevated existing CX work at DHS.
  • Yes, DHS does have customers.
  • Customer experience at DHS is not one size fits all.
  • Customer experience may not always be called “customer experience”.
  • We need more user research at DHS.
  • Try conducting usability testing in addition to (or instead of) User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • CX is critical in law enforcement and security missions.
  • We lack visibility into CX at other DHS Components.
  • We need to CX all of the things.
  • Everyone has a role.

November 2022: Why We Need UX Researchers and Designers in the Federal Government (Part 3)

Takeaways for Readers

In our previous articles, we covered why design is important for delivering government services and why having federal designers is critical to that process. Next, let’s focus on how you establish design roles at your agency, recruit talented designers, successfully interview candidates, and ensure that designers are successful within your organization.

  • Design the job.
  • Consider and design the hiring process and evaluation criteria.

October 2022: Why We Need UX Researchers and Designers in the Federal Government (Part 2)

Takeaways for Readers

In the last article, we outlined why human-centered design is critical for researching, designing, and delivering the critical products and services DHS provides to meet our mission objectives. When we understand customer needs (and again, we mean both external customers and internal customers), we can design more effective, efficient, and equitable services that meet those needs.

September 2022: Why We Need UX Researchers and Designers in the Federal Government (Part 1)

Takeaways for Readers

  • Government services should be intentionally designed.
  • Very few federal designers exist across government to help ensure that happens.

August 2022: User Acceptance Testing Versus Usability Testing

Takeaways for Readers

While it might feel like UAT and usability testing are interchangeable terms or that if you’re doing one, that should suffice for user input, they’re actually different tools for learning about the effectiveness of a digital product. Each method provides value towards delivering effective, human-centered products or services.

July 2022: Does DHS Really Have Customers?

Takeaways for Readers

  • By the definition in Executive Order 14058, DHS customers are individuals, businesses, and organizations that interact with DHS, including internal staff.
  • “Customer experience” describes what happens when people or organizations interact with government services.
  • If we focus on the goals of the person as they with interact our services, it’s easy to improve the experience they have.

June 2022: Is There a Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

Takeaways for Readers

  • Customer service is only one part of the overall customer experience that includes many different interactions.
  • Providing good customer service, assistance, is a key part of a good experience, but the full experience goes much broader than just the customer service and assistance provided.

CX Community Support

Please Note: You must be a DHS, Component employee, or a contractor to attend these.

Last Updated: 01/06/2023
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