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Design / Build and Construction Services IDIQ - Regional Multiple Award Construction Contracts (RMACC)

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) awarded various Regional Indefinite Quantity, Indefinite Delivery, Multiple Award Construction Contracts (RMACC) to acquire design/build and construction services to meet the infrastructure needs of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This contract is centrally managed and administered by the Facilities Design and Construction Center (FDCC)  with decentralized ordering to the Component organizations. The Regional Contract shall be awarded to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, 8a, and HUBZones firms.

Mandatory (with exceptions)



There are numerous benefits to utilizing the Regional Multiple Award Construction Contracts, including:

  • Reduced procurement times for the best value selection of future construction contracts from a typical 7-8 months to less than four months, while still meeting all required FAR requirements;
  • Pricing on new construction/renovation/repair will remain competitive with market conditions;
  • The awardees will become familiar with USCG and DHS shore construction requirements and standardization goals;
  • As a result of competition among these highly qualified firms, better pricing and improved project execution are expected; and
  • Reduced risk of cost overruns due to design errors and omissions.

Period of Performance (POP)

One base year + 6 one-year option years (3/10/2010 - 3/29/2017) - Extended to 2/9/2018

Post Award Teaming

For teaming opportunities, please contact the applicable awardee(s)

Number of Awardees

60 small business contracts (5 Region 1, 9 Region 5, 7 Region 7, 9 Region 8, 7 Region 9, 14 Region 11/13, 4 Region 14, and 5 Region 17)

Contractor Information

Region 1

Name: Campbell Construction Group LLC
Contract #: HSCGG1-10-D-PRV056

Name: Palmer federal Constructors, Inc.
Contract #: HSCGG1-10-D-PRV058

Name: Pride Enterprises, Inc.
Contract #: HSCGG1-10-D-PRV060

Name: Rand Enterprises, Inc.
Contract #: HSCGG1-10-D-PRV062

Name: Enfield Enterprises, Inc.
Contract #: HSCGG1-10-D-PRV064

Region 5

Name: DAL Construction, LLC
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR101

Name: DWG & Associates, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR102

Name: Edgewater Construction Services
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR103

ame: H&H – DMS Joint Venture
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR104

Name: Hammer-Delaware Team
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR105

Name: Iron Bridge Construction, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR106

Name: J2 Engineering, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR107

Name: Joint Forces Constructors, LLC
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR108

Name: Sampson Contracting, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR109

Region 7

Name: ARC Inc. dba/Associates Roofing Construction
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA52

Name: DWG & Associates, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA53

Name: J2 Engineering, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA55

Name: OAC Action Construction Corp.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA56

Name: QC Management Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA57

ame: Small Business Group
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA58

Name: Diversified Maintenance Systems, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA59

Region 8

Name: Cayo LP
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA35

ame: Inland Construction & Equipment Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA36

Name: Diversified Maintenance Systems, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA37

ame: Sergent Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA38

Name: Far East Construction
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA39

Name: American Contractor & Technology, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA40

Name: Carter’s Contracting Services, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA41

ame: Journey Construction, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA43

Name: Creative Times Dayschool, Inc
Contract #: HSCG82-10-D-PMVA45

Region 9

Name: CMS Corp/Toltest JV
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR119

Name: Brix Corporation
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR120

Name: Old Veteran Construction, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR121

Name: Diversified maintenance Systems, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR122

Name: The Coniglio Company
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR123

Name: Construction and Service Solutions, Corp.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR127

Name: Rock Industries, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG83-10-D-PCR128

Region 11/13

Name: Advanced Technology Construction
Contract #HSCG88-10-D-PQQ007

Name: American Pride
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ008

Name: AMVETCO-Souza
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ009

Name: BCL, JV
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ011

Name: Betance Enterprise, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ012

Name: Blackhawk Construction
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ013

Name: Burton Construction
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ014

Name: D Square & Au’ Authum
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ016

Name: Falcon Builders & Developers
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ018

Name: Kantishna-Northern Mgt.
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ021

Name: Salinas & Farias & Associates
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ023

Name: Schlect-Bergerson
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ024

Name: Sequoia
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ026

Name: Vet Industrial
Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ027

Region 14

Name: Heartwood Pacific
Contract #: HSCG86-10-D-PHV014

Name: Pacific Tech
Contract #: HSCG86-10-D-PHV015

Name: Blackhawk Ventures
Contract #: HSCG86-10-D-PHV016

Contract #: HSCG86-10-D-PHV017

Region 17

Name: Bethel Services, Inc.
Contract #: HSCG87-10-D-PJT033

Name: ANC Northern JV LLC
Contract #: HSCG87-10-D-PJT035

Name: Rockford Corporation
Contract #: HSCG87-10-D-PJT036

Name: Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC
Contract #: HSCG87-10-D-PJT037

Name: Doyon Project Services, LLC
Contract #: HSCG87-10-D-PJT038

Contact Us

To contact us regarding a Strategic Sourcing Vehicle or future initiative, please email SSOInquiry@hq.dhs.gov.

Last Updated: 08/13/2020
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