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Department of Homeland Security Intellectual Property Policy

This is a public notice of the intellectual property of the Department of Homeland Security (“Department” or “DHS”). In general, that intellectual property consists of the official seal of the Department and the trade or certification marks of programs for which the Department claims either common law trademark rights or has applied for or received trademark registration under 15 U.S.C. §§ 1051-1129.

For any of the listings below, the Department of Homeland Security asserts its full rights under statute or the common law. No use may be made of these marks without the permission of the Department acquired in accordance with the procedures of this notice (See below). This list is not exhaustive and is subject to modification.

Intellectual Property

  • ALIVE ON ARRIVAL word mark™
  • America’s PrepareAthon. Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare. word mark and logo with tagline™
  • Aware/Path word mark™
  • Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) word mark™
  • APPROVED READY certification mark®
  • Advanced Spectroscopic Portals (ASP) word mark™
  • Be a Hero! logo™
  • Biodefense Knowledge Center (BKC) word mark and logo™
  • Biodefense Knowledge Management System (BKMS) word mark™
  • Blue Campaign. One Voice. One Mission. End Human Trafficking. word mark and logo®
  • U.S. Coast Guard BORN READY word mark and logo®- for the U.S. Coast Guard advertising and recruitment campaign
  • U.S. Coast Guard Cherry Wings logo™
  • Citizen Corps word mark® and logo™
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) word mark and logo™
  • Container Security Initiative word mark™
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) word mark and logo™
  • CyberCorps word mark and logo®- for educational initiatives to promote careers in cyber security, i.e., the “Federal Cyber Service: Scholar for Service Program,” a program offered by the National Science Foundation and co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Cyber Critical Infrastructure Community (C3) Voluntary Program word mark and logo™
  • Electronic System Travel Authorization Program (ESTA) word mark and logo®
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-VERIFY) word mark and logo®
  • E-Verify Listens logo™
  • Fire is Everyone’s Fight word mark and logo™
  • First Observer word mark and logo™
  • First Responders Communities of Practice logo™
  • FLUX word mark and logo® - prescreening and expedited security clearance program for participating international travelers
  • Free and Secure Trade Program (FAST) word mark and logo™
  • Freedom Corps word mark™
  • Global Entry. Trusted Traveler Network. word mark and logo®
  • Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (GFIRST) word mark™
  • Graduated Rad/Nuc Detector Evaluation and Reporting Program (GRaDER) word mark®
  • HAZUS word mark® and logo™- computer software related to natural hazards loss estimations
  • Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI) word mark and logo™
  • Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute (HSSEDI) word mark™
  • Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) word mark®
  • Human Portable Radiation Detection System (HPRDS) word mark™
  • IdeaFactory logo®
  • I E-Verify logo™
  • If You See Something, Say Something word mark and logo®
  • ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) word mark™
  • I GUARDIANS flagship logo and characters™
  • Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) word mark™
  • KRONA word mark™ -diagnostic software
  • LISTO word mark and logo® - a Ready Campaign trademark
  • Living with the Consequences word mark and characters™
  • MagViz word mark and logo®  
  • National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) word mark®
  • National Flood Insurance Program word mark and logo™
  • NBACC's National Biological Threat Characterization Center (NBTCC) word mark®
  • NBACC's National Bioforensic Analysis Center (NBFAC) word mark®
  • National Bio and Agro-Security Facility (NBAF) word mark and logo ®
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) word mark and logo™
  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) word mark™
  • National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) logo™
  • Our Border word mark™
  • Port Security Exercise Training Programs (PortSTEP) word mark™
  • Protection is our Trademark word mark™
  • PS-Prep word mark and logo ®
  • READY word mark and logo®
  • Approved READY word mark and logo®
  • READY. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. word mark and logo®
  • READY AMERICA. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. word mark and logo®
  • READY AMERICA. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. word mark and logo®
  • READY BUSINESS word mark and logo®
  • READY BUSINESS. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. word mark and logo®
  • READY Indian Country Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. word mark and logo®
  • READY KIDS word mark and logo®
  • READY Campaign Slogans:
    • Are you READY?™
  • Ready Lane word mark and logo™
  • Resilience STAR word mark® and logo™
  • word mark and logo®
  • SAFECOM wordmark and logo™
  • SAFETY Act Certification Marks:
    • Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation™
    • Designated™
    • Certified™
  • SAFETY Act Slogans:
    • Get into the Act™
    • Protecting you, Protecting U.S.™
    • Providing Security for U.S.™
    • Help Protect America, Limit Your Liability, Unlock Your Creative Potential™
    • Security & Trust from Science & Technology™
  • SELF CHECK word mark and logo®
  • SELF CHECK. Apply with confidence. word mark and logo™
  • SELF CHECK. Solicite en confianza. word mark and logo™
  • Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) word mark™
  • Secure Border Initiative (SBI) word mark™
  • Secure Efficacy through Commercialization, Utilization, Relevance and Evaluation Program (SECURE) word mark and logo™
  • Secure Flight word mark™
  • Secure Freight Initiative (SFI) word mark™
  • Systemic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) logo™
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and logo®
  • Transportation iSAC logo™
  • TS-ISAC word mark™
  • TSA Pre✓logo®
  • TSA PreCheck word mark®
  • USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) word mark and logo®
  • Unified Incident Command and Decision Support word mark and logo™
  • United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) word mark and logo™
  • United States-Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology Program (US-VISIT) word mark™
  • Virtual USA word mark and logo®
  • vUSA word mark®
  • Visa Waver Program (VWP) word mark™
  • Voluntary Private Sector Accreditation and Certification Preparedness Program word mark™
  • Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) word mark™

Obtaining Permission

To obtain permission to use any of the listed marks, an applicant must make a prior written request to the Department at the e-mail address listed below. The applicant must include evidence of the authority of any representative of the applicant to bind the applicant. In addition, the applicant must agree to comply with the conditions presented in any consent to use or license agreement required by the Department of Homeland Security. Note that a request to the Department is not the end of the process. A statement of release will also be required from the applicant.

The Department of Homeland Security will deny any request that includes the use of a mark as part of a URL or other use that does not comport with the conditions presented in any consent to use or license agreement required by the Department.

Request for use should be made to:

Last Published Date: February 27, 2018

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