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Radiological Attack

IHEs should use these resources to prepare for a radiological attack, which may include the detonation of a ‘dirty bomb’ or other radiological dispersal device (RDD). Such an attack could cause significant localized destruction, contaminate the surrounding environment, and evoke intense fear and anxiety within affected communities.

The resources in this section provide useful information related to a Radiological Attack. The resources are organized according to the relevant Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Mission Area:

  • Prevention: This mission area focuses on the ability to avoid, prevent, or stop an imminent threat.
  • Protection: This mission area focuses on the ability to secure and protect a community against a variety of threats and hazards.
  • Mitigation: This mission area focuses on the ability to reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of a disaster.

Radiation Emergency Medical Management
This website provides guidance for health care providers about clinical diagnosis and treatment of radiation injury during radiological and nuclear emergencies.

Fact Sheet on Dirty Bombs
This document provides key information on the impact of 'dirty bombs' and offers guidance for controlling radioactive material.

Radiation Emergency Training, Research, and Tools
This webpage provides a list of training resources and preparation tools for CBRN incidents. 

This mission area focuses on the ability to save lives, protect property and the environment, as well as meet the basic needs of a community during a disaster.

Radiation Emergency Response Plan
This document serves as an example of a Radiation Emergency Response Plan developed by the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

This mission area focuses on the ability to assist communities in recovering effectively following a disaster.

Key Planning Factors for Recovery from a Radiological Terrorism Incident
This document describes key planning factors that could support the recovery process following a radiological emergency/terrorism incident. 

Resources that fall into the "All" category contain useful information and guidance that is relevant to all FEMA Mission Areas.

CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives): Health Information Resources
This class provides an overview of the concepts of CBRNE, and the types of health-related information that support planning, response, and recovery in CBRNE incidents.

Radiological Dispersal Device
This webpage explains what actions to take before, during, and after a radiological attack.

Radiological Emergency Management
This document outlines the public effects of radiological emergencies and discusses various protective measures.

Radiological Emergency Response: Planning and Past Responses
This webpage includes information and links to resources on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) response plan for a radiological emergency.

Radiation Emergencies
This webpage provides useful information and links to additional resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on radiation emergencies.

Program Manual: Radiological Emergency Preparedness
This document serves as the main source of policy and guidance for FEMA's Radiological Emergency Preparedness program.

Radiological/Nuclear Incident Emergency Response Plan

This document details the State of Florida's plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a radiological/nuclear emergency.

Radiation Protection
This webpage provides links to different resources on radiation as well as the associated consequences and response implications.

Thank you for visiting the Campus Resilience Program Resource Library. The Resource Library is currently available in soft launch mode only. Additional resources are being added on an ongoing basis. We encourage you to submit suggestions for additional resources and provide feedback on the website layout and navigation through this survey.

Last Updated: 02/04/2022
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