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Frequently Asked Questions


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Ready to begin, or continue, your customer experience (CX) learning journey? Whether you’re a rookie or a certified expert, CX Learning has content you can use to sharpen your CX skills! 

What is CX Learning?

CX Learning is a self-guided learning resource comprised of topics and lessons on key customer experience concepts and practices, like user research and usability testing.

Is my progress tracked?

Your progress and completion of lessons in CX Learning are not tracked. CX Learning is here to help you learn more about CX at your own pace.

Breaking it down 

CX Learning is made up of topics that are broken into quick lessons.

What’s a topic? 

A topic is a group of lessons with a common theme. For example, the topic on usability testing has five lessons that explain the various parts of conducting usability testing. Most topics will be broken down into three to five lessons.

Is there an order to the topics? 

Each CX Learning topic is self-contained. Topics do not have to be explored in any specific order.

What’s a lesson?  

Each lesson has specific learning objectives grouped with related supporting content. A typical lesson starts with a short overview of its learning objectives followed by a mix of written content, supporting graphics, and video content that explains key concepts in detail. Each lesson ends with an optional knowledge check (i.e., a quiz) and links to additional resources for continued learning.

Is there an order to the lessons? 

Lessons are organized within a topic in a way that builds from one lesson to another, but you can dive into the lessons in whichever order you like. Each lesson is designed to give you value on its own.

How long does it take to complete a lesson? 

Each lesson includes an estimated time to completion based on its length. Most lessons are designed to take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

What’s a “knowledge check”? 

CX Learning knowledge checks are optional five-question quizzes designed to reinforce the content of a specific lesson. All you have to do is answer the questions and hit done, then you can see how you did!

Will I be associated with my knowledge check score?

No, your knowledge check score is for your reference only. We are not associating scores with anyone’s personal information. Knowledge checks are not intended to be an audit of your skills. They are simply another way to help you learn.

Additional Details 

CX Learning is just getting started, so you can expect a lot more from us in the future!

What kind of content can I expect in the future? 

We’re going to develop content suited for individuals at all experience levels, from CX rookies to the most seasoned practitioners, who would like to learn and hone their skills. CX Learning content is designed to support CX practices at any level of an organization. From those in a small team to those leading organizations, we want everyone to be able to understand and enable CX practices within their workplace.

Looking for more information? 

Contact us at cx@hq.dhs.gov and we’ll help you out! 

  • CX Learning

    Learn how to improve your understanding, practice, and maturity of CX.

Last Updated: 06/13/2024
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