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CX Videos

CX Minute

Our CX 1-Minute video series covers how customer experience is making a positive impact on the lives of DHS customers.

Creating a Better Experience for All

DHS is creating more equitable and accessible services by focusing on the diverse needs of the individuals and organizations we serve, including those who are traditionally underserved.

Putting People First to Protect the Homeland

DHS is putting its customers first to reduce burdens and improve our national security. By focusing on the needs of our customers, DHS is delivering efficient, effective, equitable services that help us more effectively protect the homeland.

Does DHS Really Have Customers?

The answer is yes, anyone who interacts with a Federal Government agency is a DHS customer. Whether it is a passenger going through TSA, an applicant with FEMA, or Mariners with USCG, we are working to better understand the experiences of the people we serve every day to provide quality services to all.

CX Learning

CX Learning: An Example of a Usability Test

Usability testing helps DHS programs and service teams make sure what they build actually helps the people and organizations the Department serves. Usability testing should be conducted regularly throughout the lifecycle of a service to ensure it meets your customer’s evolving needs.

Learn more about Usability Testing and other CX topics.

Leadership Observation

Leadership Observation Initiative

The DHS CX Leadership Observation Initiative helps DHS leadership see firsthand how user research, usability testing, and other qualitative research is used to improve technology and service delivery.  By observing real customer interactions regularly, you'll begin to see how policy, technology, and funding decisions directly impact DHS service delivery.

Get guidance on starting a Leadership Observation.

Last Updated: 06/14/2024
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