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DHS Intel Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Notice

The DHS Intel app is available to all Homeland Security Information Network – Intelligence (HSIN-Intel) members. It enables users to view and search for intelligence information, receive alerts when new products are available, and bookmark products for future reference. HSIN-Intel will remain the central hub for sharing intelligence products between all DHS partners, but the DHS Intel App provides easier access to these products. All mobile app users are required to have HSIN accounts to access the app.

The app does not collect PII or SPII from users of the DHS Intel mobile app. The app does collect non-individual specific usage information, such as crash data, app installation data, session durations, and device information.

The DHS Intel mobile app collects no user information beyond non-individual specific usage information. This information will allow I&A and app developers to determine which areas of the app are most used and develop more meaningful functionality.

No information will be shared with other external agencies (non-DHS), beyond the intelligence products that are provided by the app to authorized users from non-DHS entities.

No information is transmitted back to DHS, other than non-individual specific usage information. DHS does not collect PII or SPII from users of the DHS Intel mobile app. To further safeguard users of the DHS Intel mobile app, DHS performed security analysis of this mobile application prior to making it available to the public. In addition, Apple Inc performed independent security analyses of all applications made available via the App Store.

The DHS Intel mobile app collects basic information on utilization (e.g., number of sessions), performance, and crash data. This data is not linked to any individual identity.

We welcome feedback if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or the use of information. Please direct any questions or comments at privacy@hq.dhs.gov or through the DHS Privacy Office.

Last Updated: 04/26/2022
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