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DHS Security and Training Requirements for Contractors

This webpage provides the security and training requirements that Contractors must comply with when special clauses Safeguarding of Sensitive Information (MARCH 2015) and Information Technology Security and Privacy Training (MARCH 2015) are included in a solicitation and/or contract.

Personnel Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Information Technology Security Policy

IT Security Awareness Training

Provides guidance for online conduct and proper use of information technology. The Challenge presents cybersecurity and information systems security awareness instructional topics through first-person simulations and mini-game challenges that allow the user to practice and review cybersecurity concepts in an interactive manner. The training takes approximately one (1) hour to complete. Completion of the training is required before access to DHS systems can be provided.

Under Department of Defense Employees, select Start/Continue New CyberAwareness Challenge Department of Defense Version.

Privacy Safeguards

Privacy Training

Last Published Date: April 10, 2018

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