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Security Policies

Here you will find directives and guides for DHS contractors whose solicitations and contracts include the special clauses Safeguarding of Sensitive Information (MARCH 2015) and Information Technology Security and Privacy Training (MARCH 2015). These special clauses are explained in Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation Class Deviation 15-01: Safeguarding of Sensitive Information.

1. Information Security Policies

  • Management Directive 11042.1 Safeguarding Sensitive But Unclassified (For Official Use Only) Information
  • Management Directive 11056.1 Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

2. Information Technology Security Policies

  • Sensitive Systems Policy Directive 4300A
  • Security Authorization Process Guide
  • Information Security Performance Plan (Fiscal Year)
  • Information System Security Officer (ISSO) Guide

3. Personnel Security Policy

  • Instruction Handbook 121-01-007 Personnel Suitability and Security Program
Created Date: June 6, 2018
Last Published Date: September 23, 2019
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