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How to Join the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN)

How to Join HSIN HSIN access is based on nomination and acceptance into one or more HSIN communities.

What is a Community?

HSIN Communities are secure, web-based sites tailored to meet the information sharing and operational needs of all Homeland Security partners. They are comprised of HSIN users working within a particular mission area and cover a variety of missions such as emergency management, law enforcement, cybersecurity, intelligence, and border security. 

HSIN uses Communities to tailor site settings and capabilities to partners’ specific needs. These communities are secure, web-based sites that meet the information sharing and operational needs of Homeland Security partners. These communities cover a variety of missions including emergency management, law enforcement, cybersecurity, intelligence, and border security.



In Louisiana, HSIN helps law enforcement agencies catalog and track gang activity across jurisdictional boundaries. The State Analytical and Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) works with law enforcement agencies across the state to share detailed information about gangs and gang members. HSIN allows sworn members of law enforcement in this community to access this information when and where they need it. 

KY Derby 

Since 2011, HSIN has played a key role at Churchill Downs and in the greater Louisville metro area, providing situational awareness and supporting interagency coordination to ensure the Kentucky Derby remains a fun, lively event. In the early years of HSIN support for this event, the Community was primarily used by the Joint Emergency Services Unit for real-time information sharing. By 2015, the use of HSIN had expanded and was used as the central information sharing platform for federal, state and local public safety and partner organizations. 


Learn more about how Communities can improve information sharing and examples of how this has been done in the past, join HSIN and review the case studies.

Access to HSIN is based on invitation, application and acceptance into one or more HSIN communities. To submit an application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to HSIN@hq.dhs.gov to request access and include the following information: 
    • First and last name 
    • Valid email address 
    • Requested community or field of interest  
    • Reason for access 
  2. Once your request has been accepted, you will receive an email invitation to begin your registration. Follow the link in the email invitation to complete your registration and identity-proofing process.  
  3. When your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and you will be able to login. 

If your needs are not being met by a current Community and you would like to speak with a Mission Advocate to create a new space. Mission Advocates can be found with HSIN@hq.dhs.gov

Note for International Users:  

HSIN has international users; however, international users are not guaranteed access. International users must go through a strict vetting process and your Site Sponsor must approve access for all international users. You can submit an international user invitation through your Mission Advocate or directly to the HSIN Service Desk, who will initiate the vetting process with Security.

If you are a current HSIN user and would like access to an additional HSIN Community, you can visit the HSIN Community Directory, which is linked in the navigation bar on HSIN Central under "Partners." The HSIN Community Directory lists all active communities on HSIN including their requirements for membership as well as a link to Request Access. 

For general information, contact the HSIN Outreach Team via email at HSIN@hq.dhs.gov.

If you are experiencing problems with your HSIN account, contact the HSIN Help Desk at 866-430-0162 or via email at HSIN.HelpDesk@hq.dhs.gov.

Last Updated: 02/09/2024
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