Matthew Worden

Machinery Technician 2nd Class, U.S. Coast Guard

Duty Station: Silverdale, Wash.
Hometown: Medford, Ore.

In Oct., 2014, U.S. Coast Guard Machinery Technician 2nd Class Matthew Worden responded to a catastrophic rock climbing incident in Silverdale, Wash., after his friend fell approximately 50 feet and was knocked unconscious after hitting his head. Worden sprinted over 30 minutes to a location with a cellular signal to contact 911. He then arranged for a good Samaritan to guide Emergency Medical Services from the trailhead to the site, 30 minutes away. After rejoining his injured friend, Worden placed himself beneath his friend, preventing him from sliding further down the hill, holding him for an hour and a half until Emergency Medical Services arrived.

Last Published Date: May 13, 2016

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