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Privacy & FOIA Reports

The Privacy Office issues a variety of reports to Congress and the Department of Justice.

Privacy Reports

  • Annual Privacy Office Report:  Summarizes the activities and accomplishments of the Privacy Office.
  • Computer Matching Agreement Report:  Annual review of DHS's computer matching activity.
  • Data Mining Report:  Annual summary of DHS programs that conduct pattern-based queries, searches, or analyses of one or more electronic databases to discover or locate a predictive pattern or anomaly indicative of terrorist or criminal activities.
  • Privacy and Civil Liberties Assessment Report:  Senior Agency Officials for privacy and civil liberties assess the privacy and civil liberties impacts of the activities their respective departments and agencies have undertaken to implement two Executive Orders, and publish their assessments annually in a report compiled by the Privacy Office and the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.
  • Social Security Number Fraud Prevention Act Report:  Summarizes DHS actions to reduce the collection and use of the SSN. To sunset in 2021.

FOIA Reports

  • Annual FOIA Report:  Includes Component-specific and Department-wide data on FOIA processing, including the number of FOIA requests received and processed, average response times, and backlogs.
  • Chief FOIA Officer Report:  Documents actions taken by the Department to advance transparency and to ensure DHS effectively administers FOIA.
Last Published Date: February 2, 2021

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