Fusion Center Performance Program (FCPP)

The FCPP provides a comprehensive picture of the National Network’s capability and performance, helps to measure the effectiveness of FEMA Grant Funding, and guides partners to invest in mission areas with the greatest potential benefit to the entire homeland.

In coordination with its interagency partners, fusion center directors, and other fusion center stakeholders, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) manages the Fusion Center Performance Program (FCPP).

The FCPP provides a comprehensive picture of the National Network in action; and helps to inform state and local leaders on ways to strengthen fusion center capabilities, mitigate capability gaps, and justify investment requests, including targeted Investment Justifications associated with the Homeland Security Grant Program.

The FCPP framework consists of three interconnected elements:

  • Measuring the capability and performance of individual fusion centers as well as the National Network as a whole through a structured, standardized Annual Assessment;
  • Hosting and participating in prevention-based exercises that test fusion center capabilities against real-world scenarios; and,
  • Mitigating identified gaps in order to increase capabilities, improve performance, and sustain fusion center operations.

The FCPP’s continuing goal is to move beyond evaluating short-term progress and to conduct regular, periodic evaluations of Network-wide performance focusing not only on the Critical Operational Capabilities and Enabling Capabilities but also the broader capabilities outlined in the Baseline Capabilities for State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers.

Additional Resources

  • The Performance Measures Definitions Guide (PMDG): Provides an overview of the FCPP and defines each performance measure, grouped by their respective output and outcome categories.
  • Fusion Center Annual Assessment Final Reports: An overview of the Assessment Program as well as a collection of past annual assessments.
Last Published Date: June 21, 2016

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