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Office of the Chief Readiness Support Officer

The Office of the Chief Readiness Support Officer (OCRSO) enables the DHS mission and Component operational readiness by leading, governing, integrating, managing, and planning for real property, assets, logistics, and sustainability. OCRSO’s mission and vision were developed to direct how the organization and the broader DHS readiness support community carry out responsibilities. The mission statement states OCRSO’s primary purpose and objective of readiness. The vision statement concisely conveys the strategic direction and desired outcome for readiness support throughout the Department. The business model includes fundamental elements, or “pillars” that enable efficient and effective support of DHS missions.


Support the Department’s mission requirements at an optimal cost.


Achieve Affordable Readiness.  Affordable Readiness is the optimal balance between operational effectiveness and dollar efficiency at a level that meets mission requirements.

Business Model

There are four pillars of Affordable Readiness:

  • Shared services allow DHS Components to benefit from synergies and shared costs for services.
  • Common business practices make operations transparent and understandable across DHS.
  • Total asset visibility equips DHS with knowledge regarding location and condition of available assets.
  • Data-driven resource allocation allows DHS planners to drive business decisions.

Logistics integration is an iterative process to improve effectiveness and increase efficiencies by aligning, connecting, and leveraging logistics capabilities. The result is a DHS mission support system that is simpler and more affordable to support.

Last Published Date: October 15, 2021

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