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From Madrid: Secretary Meets with President of Spain

Today has been a busy day for the Secretary. We began the day in Madrid where we visited the 3/11 memorial at the site of the 2004 train bombing, an important symbol of Spain's fight against terrorism, and a solemn reminder of the purpose of our weeklong trip abroad: our international effort to reduce the risk of another terrorist attack on US soil. Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon of Madrid was kind enough to join us as the Secretary laid a wreath on the memorial.

She then participated in a series of meetings with a variety of Spanish officials, including the Vice President and other Ministers. She signed an important agreement with her counterpart, the Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. This agreement will formalize the IAP pilot program that has already prevented high-risk travelers from entering the U.S. on an airplane.

She's in a meeting with President Zapatero as I type this post, discussing ways the US and Spain can cooperate further in our shared mission of keeping our countries safe.

The day is long from over, as we still have to attend a diplomatic reception before we can find dinner and call it a night.


Sean Smith is the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security

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