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December Is Critical Infrastructure Protection Month

critical infrastructure

For the second year in a row, President Obama has designated December as Critical Infrastructure Protection Month, stating: “My Administration is committed to delivering the necessary information, tools, and resources to areas where critical infrastructure exists in order to maintain and enhance its security and resilience.”

So, what exactly is Critical infrastructure?  Quite simply, critical infrastructure is something that touches your every day life. From the bridges you cross, to the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the buildings you work in. Critical infrastructure encompasses the assets, networks, and functions—both physical and virtual—that are essential to the security, economic welfare, public health, and safety of the United States.  This includes:
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy
  • Postal and Shipping
  • National Monuments and Icons
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Dams
  • Government Facilities
  • Transportation Systems, including Bridges and Tunnels
  • And so much more...
Here at DHS, the Office of Infrastructure Protection oversees the national program created to protect our critical infrastructure and strengthen its resilience and ability to recover quickly from catastrophic events.

Because most U.S. critical infrastructure is privately owned, this federal effort is an unprecedented network of public-private partnerships involving thousands of stakeholders in the United States and abroad.
President Obama's proclamation calls upon “the people of the United States to recognize the importance of protecting our Nation’s resources and to observe this month with appropriate events and training to enhance our national security and resilience.”

Through the leadership of the Office of Infrastructure Protection, DHS is honoring President Obama's proclamation with a host of initiatives and resources, including the expansion of essential programs such as the Regional Resiliency Assessment Program, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, bombing prevention programs and tools, commercial facilities training and resources, risk management and analysis, contingency planning and incident management, and much more.

Throughout the month of December, the Office of Infrastructure Protection will be providing updates, comprehensive overviews, and tons of helpful information.  Please visit us at to sign up for updates and to learn more about what we're doing at DHS to protect the critical infrastructure that ensures the security, welfare, and safety of your community.

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