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Baltimore Grand Prix Marks over 100 Radiological/Nuclear Detection Deployments for DNDO’s Mobile Detection Deployment Units

Huban Gowadia
Director, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office:

Did you know the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) works with domestic and international partners to improve capabilities to deter, detect, respond to, and attribute radiological and nuclear attacks? When requested by our partners, DNDO implements domestic nuclear detection efforts to mitigate radiological and nuclear threats.  

Just last weekend, DNDO deployed a Mobile Detection Deployment Unit (MDDU), marking over 100 deployments – this time to the Baltimore Grand Prix, where the unit assisted the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD) Hazmat Operations Team with event security operations. The BCFD Hazmat Operations Team worked with various local, state and federal organizations to scan the event for potential radiological and nuclear threat indicators. This MDDU is a part of DNDO’s Mobile Detection Deployment Program (MDDP), which is designed to supplement first responders’ existing radiological and nuclear detection and reporting capabilities, especially in support of large scale events nationwide such as big sporting events.

Each Mobile Detection Deployment Unit contains radiation detection equipment for emergency responders, housed in a mobile trailer. The equipment includes portable backpack radiation detection units, high and low-resolution radiation identification hand-held instruments, and personal detection devices. Each unit is accompanied by technical support staff to train personnel on the use of equipment and to help integrate these capabilities into existing operations.

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