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At MELOA, Commitment to Communities Keeps the Homeland Safe

George Selim
Director, Office for Community Partnerships

The Middle Eastern Law Enforcement Officers Association (MELOA), a new group comprised of DHS employees that works to build trust through community engagement, held their first annual conference.

Secretary Jeh Johnson traveled to Dearborn where he spoke about the Department’s commitment to communities.

Secretary Johnson addresses the MELOA conference

“It has been proven, time and again, that a law enforcement community, a police force, a law enforcement organization that looks like the community that they serve builds trust,” said Secretary Johnson. “When I look around this room at all the people who work for DHS, I have tremendous optimism for our future.”

Middle Eastern Americans are woven into the fabric of our country – and our Department. At DHS, they proudly serve as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, watch commanders at Customs and Border Protection, serve as Coast Guard cadets, provide disaster recovery support at FEMA, and screen passengers at TSA. The diversity of our workforce reflects the diversity of our nation, and it strengthens our ability at DHS to keep the American people safe.

Since our last visit to Dearborn in January, MELOA’s membership has increased by five hundred percent. Secretary Johnson affirmed MELOA’s work to promote trust and encouraged the organization to continue growing.

Secretary Johnson at MELOA conference

In the evolving threat environment, there has never been a more important time to build bridges to local communities. While groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda seek to divide us, the DHS Office for Community Partnerships will continue to promote dialogue and understanding, building the partnerships that safeguard our nation and our values. 

To learn more about MELOA, visit And you can learn more about the Department’s commitment to communities here.

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