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Privacy Office Overview

More information can be found on the DHS Privacy Office website.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to protect individuals by embedding and enforcing privacy protections and transparency in all DHS activities. All DHS systems, technology, and programs that either collect personally identifiable information (PII) or have a privacy impact are subject to the oversight of the Chief Privacy Officer and the requirements of U.S. data privacy laws.

The Privacy Office works with every Component and program in the Department to ensure that privacy considerations are addressed when planning or updating any program, system, or initiative. We strive to ensure that technologies used at the Department sustain, and do not erode, privacy protections. We also implement the Department’s Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) governing the use of PII through a comprehensive compliance process.

The Privacy Office also:

  • Evaluates Department legislative and regulatory proposals involving the collection, use, and disclosure of PII;
  • Centralizes FOIA and Privacy Act operations to provide policy and programmatic oversight, and support implementation across the Department;
  • Operates a Department-wide Privacy Incident Response Program to ensure that incidents involving PII are properly reported, investigated and mitigated, as appropriate;
  • Responds to complaints of privacy violations and provides redress, as appropriate; and
  • Provides training, education and outreach to build a culture of privacy across the Department and transparency to the public.

Leadership and Organization

The DHS Chief Privacy Officer is Philip S. "Sam" Kaplan. Learn more about Mr. Kaplan by reading his bio.

Last Published Date: April 5, 2018

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