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2020 Forum Presentations

Below are the 2020 forum's presentations for reference. 

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon Calibrating COCOMO® II for Functional Size Metrics pdf 1.71 MB 10/09/2020
PDF icon Agile Estimation What’s the Point? pdf 2.7 MB 10/05/2020
PDF icon Using LEAN Portfolio Management to Enable Agile Acquisitions pdf 1.58 MB 10/01/2020
PDF icon Agile Performance Measurement Baseline pdf 772.65 KB 10/06/2020
PDF icon Using Simple Function Point Analysis for your Cost, Schedule & Performance Needs pdf 1.13 MB 10/01/2020
PDF icon AE2A in C2ISR: Right Metrics for the Right Audience pdf 2.26 MB 09/30/2020
PDF icon Correlation Does Not Mean Causation: Improving Army Software Maintenance Cost Estimates pdf 626.44 KB 10/06/2020
PDF icon Cost of Developing Secure Software pdf 958.51 KB 10/07/2020
PDF icon The Cost of Cybersecurity for IT Systems pdf 1.35 MB 09/30/2020
PDF icon Developing CERs to Estimate Commercial IaaS Costs for Federal IT Systems pdf 967.59 KB 10/07/2020
PDF icon The Evolving Role of the Software Cost Estimator pdf 590.83 KB 10/08/2020
PDF icon Finding the Story in Your Data pdf 798.68 KB 10/01/2020
PDF icon How Agile is Agile: Characterizing the Agile Process for Government pdf 940.17 KB 10/01/2020
PDF icon International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association: An Introduction pdf 3.61 MB 10/04/2020
PDF icon Intersections of AI and Cost Estimating: Explainability pdf 1.24 MB 10/07/2020
PDF icon Enterprise Visibility And Management of Operating and Support Costs (EVAMOSC) pdf 707.82 KB 09/30/2020
PDF icon Investigating Causal Effects of Software and Systems Engineering Effort pdf 559.45 KB 10/05/2020
PDF icon Joint Software and IT Cost Forum 2020 Keynote Dean Souleles pdf 865.46 KB 09/30/2020
PDF icon Navigating the Minefield: Successful Software Estimation Before Requirements are Complete pdf 2.87 MB 10/01/2020
PDF icon New Design Complexity Interaction with Automatic Objective Function Points pdf 558.26 KB 10/05/2020
PDF icon Out with the Old, In with the New? An Examination of Agile Development Impacts on Traditional Software Cost Estimating Methods pdf 1.84 MB 10/01/2020
PDF icon GAO Agile Assessment Guide pdf 1.63 MB 10/07/2020
PDF icon Planning a Cloud Migration Effort Cost Estimating Considerations pdf 1.02 MB 10/05/2020
PDF icon Solving for Project Risk Management: Understanding the Critical Role of Uncertainty in Project Management pdf 2.13 MB 10/07/2020
PDF icon State of Lean and Agile at DHS Today pdf 1.95 MB 10/07/2020
Created Date: October 14, 2020
Last Published Date: November 10, 2020
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