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DHS/CBP/PIA – 024(a) Arrival and Departure Information System

The Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS) Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) describes changes to ADIS corresponding to the publication of a new ADIS system of records notice (SORN). As now proposed, ADIS will be a DHS-wide system to serve certain programs, including those of the intelligence community that require information in support of the DHS mission on individuals who seek to enter or who have arrived in or departed from the United States. The Office of Biometric Identity Management conducted this PIA update based on these proposed changes.

CBP updated this PIA, last published on August 1, 2007, to provide notice of a change in the National Counterterrorism Center’s (NCTC) temporary retention of ADIS information to three years for U.S. Person information and 10 years for non-U.S. Person information due to the March 2012 approval of Guidelines for Access, Retention, Use and Dissemination by the National Counterterrorism Center and other Agencies of Information in Data sets Containing Non-Terrorism Information (2012 NCTC AG Guidelines).

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