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DHS/ALL/PIA-043 Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is a Federal Human Capital Business Function whereby federal agencies establish internal programs and procedures for attracting, recruiting, assessing, and selecting employees with the right skills and competencies in accordance with federal merit system principles. Talent Acquisition includes aligning workforce plans to organizational strategies and business needs, recruiting qualified individuals, evaluating candidates, processing suitability determinations, and integrating new employees into the Department. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) and DHS Component Human Capital Offices rely on various systems to support Talent Acquisition processes. DHS is conducting this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), which updates and replaces the previous DHS Hiring and On-Boarding PIA, because the systems that support Talent Acquisition collect, use, store, and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive personally identifiable information (SPII). September 2020.

Associated SORN(s):

  • OPM/GOVT-1 General Personnel Records
  • OPM/GOVT-5 Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records
  • OPM/GOVT-6 Personnel Research and Test Validation Records
  • OPM/GOVT-7 Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin and Disability Status Records
  • DHS/ALL-002 DHS Mailing and Other Lists System
  • DHS/ALL-022 Department of Homeland Security Drug Free Workplace
  • DHS/ALL-023 Personnel Security Management
Created Date: April 24, 2013
Last Published Date: January 15, 2021
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