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DHS/CBP/PIA-021 TECS System: Platform

CBP owns and operates the TECS (not an acronym) system. The TECS Platform facilitates information sharing among federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies, as well as with international governments and commercial organizations. CBP’s mission includes the enforcement of the customs, immigration, and agriculture laws and regulations of the United States and the enforcement at the border of hundreds of laws on behalf of numerous federal agencies. Through the TECS Platform, users are able to input, access, or maintain law enforcement, inspection, intelligence-gathering, and operational records. CBP is publishing this Privacy Impact Assessment as a complement to the previously published DHS/CBP/PIA-009, CBP Primary and Secondary Processing PIA from 2010, to provide notice to the public and to assess the privacy risks and mitigations associated with the TECS Platform.

August 2016

Associated SORN

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PDF icon DHS/CBP/PIA-021 TECS System: Platform-August 2016 pdf 441.37 KB
Created Date: August 16, 2016
Last Published Date: May 10, 2019
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