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DHS/CBP/PIA-063 CBP Enterprise Analytics (CBP EA)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) maintains large, unstructured, transactional databases to fulfill its various border security and law enforcements missions. To better understand and visualize patterns and anomalies within existing datasets, CBP is deploying Enterprise Analytics (a collection of information technologies and tools, known throughout this PIA as CBP EA) using internal datasets and other data sources available to CBP in support of its border security and law enforcement missions. These capabilities allow CBP to more effectively analyze and interpret existing data without changing or impacting the integrity of the data in the legacy source databases. CBP is publishing this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to assess the privacy risks and mitigations for the use of these data aggregation analytic tools, which will extract and use existing personally identifiable information (PII) for data analytics and visualization. May 2020

Created Date: May 6, 2020
Last Published Date: September 28, 2020
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