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DHS/FEMA/PIA-022 Student Training/Exercise Application and Registration Records (STARRS)

FEMA collects, uses, maintains, retrieves, and disseminates STARRS of sponsors, hosts, and attendees and conducts numerous training and exercise programs/systems, including conferences and seminars hosted by FEMA, in support of its mission. These programs collect PII to register individuals for the respective training and exercise programs/systems; coordinate field exercises; and support the general administration of all registration, training, and exercise delivery and course evaluation for FEMA employees, contractors, members of the first responder community, as well as others. Where possible, FEMA’s training and exercise programs/systems collect non-sensitive PII such as contact information, business card information, biographies, and phone lists, as published in the FEMA Application and Registration Records for Training and Exercise Programs PIA. Those include some programs within FEMA’s Office of the Component Chief Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO), Federal Employee Knowledge Center, and Learning Management System. Other programs, such as those sponsored by the National Training and Education Division, National Emergency Training Center, Emergency Management Institute, National Fire Academy, Center for Domestic Preparedness, and others from OCCHCO collect Sensitive PII such as Social Security Numbers, performance information, financial information, name plus date of birth, and medical information because of the nature of the training or exercise program. This PIA documents how FEMA collects, uses, maintains, retrieves, and disseminates SPII in support of its training and exercise missions.

March 2012

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Created Date: September 1, 2016
Last Published Date: May 10, 2019
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