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DHS/TSA/PIA-014 Crew Member Self Defense Training Program

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Crew Member Self-Defense Training (CMSDT) Program is a voluntary self-defense training course for U.S. commercial and cargo air carrier crew members. The CMSDT program trains crew members on how to defend the flight deck against acts of criminal violence or air piracy. TSA previously published a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) on this program on February 6, 2008, and a PIA Update on July 24, 2013. A PIA is required for the CMSDT program, in accordance with Section 208 of the E-Government Act of 2002, because the program collects personally identifiable information (PII) from members of the public who wish to enroll. This PIA Update reflects that the CMSDT Program no longer coordinates training through the American Association of Community Colleges. August 2017

Associated SORN(s)

  • DHS/All-003 DHS Security General Training Records
Created Date: April 13, 2017
Last Published Date: May 10, 2019
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