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DHS/TSA/PIA-029 TSA Operations Center Incident Management System

August 25, 2015. TSA's Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC) serves as TSA’s coordination center for transportation security incidents and operations. TSOC uses the Web-Based Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC) incident management system to perform incident management, coordination, and situational awareness functions for all modes of transportation. The system maintains information including personally identifiable information (PII) in connection with its operations. The system also collects and compiles reports from federal, state, local, tribal, foreign, and international sources and private sector security officials on incidents related to threats to transportation or national security. TSA is updating this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), last published on July 12, 2010, to reflect that the system receives information about individuals on watchlists and their co-travelers; logs Amber Alerts and disseminates them to the field; collects open-source information relating to transportation security or operations matters; and collects PII related to other incidents reported to TSA including significant public health-related risks to the traveling public and certain TSA employee information.

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Created Date: August 26, 2015
Last Published Date: May 10, 2019
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