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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) records related to Executive Order 13780: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) records released to the American Civil Liberties Union related to Executive Order 13780: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States

PDF icon CBPBATES00095971 - CBPBATES0009613146.01 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096132 - CBPBATES0009629842.2 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096299 - CBPBATES0009650148.31 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096502 - CBPBATES0009667749.23 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096678 - CBPBATES0009685349.51 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096854 - CBPBATES0009694646.81 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00096947 - CBPBATES0009712448.38 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097125 - CBPBATES0009728849.51 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097289 - CBPBATES0009745347.62 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097454 - CBPBATES0009757945.4 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097580 - CBPBATES0009775947.5 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097760 - CBPBATES0009788347.53 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097884 - CBPBATES0009799348.66 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00097994 - CBPBATES0009813444.45 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098135 - CBPBATES0009828845.35 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098289 - CBPBATES0009841648.84 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098417 - CBPBATES0009856344.99 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098564 - CBPBATES0009871348.6 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098714 - CBPBATES0009886147.74 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098862 - CBPBATES0009897248.93 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00098973 - CBPBATES0009911049.45 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099111 - CBPBATES0009925849.03 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099259 - CBPBATES0009943747.38 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099438 - CBPBATES0009956848.9 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099569 - CBPBATES0009972349.43 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099724 - CBPBATES0009990848.66 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00099909 - CBPBATES0010004048.15 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100041 - CBPBATES0010020849.03 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100209 - CBPBATES0010035447.01 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100355 - CBPBATES0010056748.54 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100568 - CBPBATES0010070949.41 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100710 - CBPBATES0010092048.78 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00100921 - CBPBATES0010114947.42 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101150 - CBPBATES0010131348.88 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101314 - CBPBATES0010145749.45 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101458 - CBPBATES0010164147.83 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101642 - CBPBATES0010180242.56 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101803 - CBPBATES0010195145.67 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00101952 - CBPBATES0010203449.56 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102035 - CBPBATES0010214346.84 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102144 - CBPBATES0010229648.12 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102297 - CBPBATES0010244348.13 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102444 - CBPBATES0010260045.56 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102601 - CBPBATES0010280149.64 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00102802 - CBPBATES0010300448.8 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103005 - CBPBATES0010315349.23 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103154 - CBPBATES0010331247.92 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103313 - CBPBATES0010348347.29 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103484 - CBPBATES0010364448.36 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103645 - CBPBATES0010380148.81 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103802 - CBPBATES0010392540.38 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00103926 - CBPBATES0010406442.38 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00104065 - CBPBATES001042777.58 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00104278 - CBPBATES001044957.33 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00104496 - CBPBATES001047127.66 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00104713 - CBPBATES001049509.13 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00104951 - CBPBATES001051509.49 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00105151 - CBPBATES001053528.16 MB
PDF icon CBPBATES00105353 - CBPBATES0010566837.13 MB
Last Published Date: March 8, 2019
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