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Privacy Documents for S&T

Below, find privacy documents for the Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon Border Network and Northeast Test Bed (formerly BTSNet), August 23, 2012 pdf 298.36 KB
PDF icon The Border and Transportation Security Network (BTSNet) 2006 pdf 149.51 KB
PDF icon Project Hostile Intent Technology pdf 179.22 KB
PDF icon Protected Repository for the Defense of Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats (PREDICT) pdf 362.69 KB
PDF icon Violent Intent Modeling (VIMS) Program pdf 176.07 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-008(b) Standoff Technology Integration and Demonstration Program: Biometric Optical Surveillance System Tests 2012 pdf 253.18 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-008(a) Standoff Technology Integration and Demonstration Program Update 2010 pdf 1.8 MB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-008 Standoff Explosives Detective Technology Demonstration Program (SODTP) 2008 pdf 373.2 KB
PDF icon Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) Passive Methods for Precision Behavioral Screening pdf 191.93 KB
PDF icon Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) Project 2008 pdf 195.11 KB
PDF icon Security and Video Quality for the Public Safety Statement of Requirements Project pdf 207.94 KB
PDF icon FireGround Compass pdf 198.57 KB
PDF icon Comparative Case Studies of Radical Rhetoric pdf 169.76 KB
PDF icon Critical Infrastructure Change Detection (CICD) pdf 275.32 KB
PDF icon Sensor Web pdf 192.79 KB
PDF icon First Responder Technologies (R-Tech) Program pdf 203.14 KB
PDF icon Iris and Face Technology Demonstration and Evaluation (IFTDE) pdf 195.43 KB
PDF icon Research Projects Involving Volunteers pdf 298.32 KB
PDF icon Cell All pdf 167.03 KB
PDF icon Biodefense Knowledge Management System pdf 252.89 KB
PDF icon Rapid DNA System pdf 315.43 KB
PDF icon Gaming System Monitoring and Analysis Effort, pdf 158.05 KB
PDF icon Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS) Project pdf 170 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-002 S&T Staff Management System, February 22, 2006 pdf 284.29 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-003 Science and Technology's Rail Security Pilot Study Phase II, July 12, 2006 pdf 349.7 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-004 Science and Technology's, December 19, 2006 pdf 296.31 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-009 RealEyes Project, July 21, 2008 pdf 239.59 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-010 Keeping Schools Safe, October 1, 2008 pdf 307.57 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-011 Reality Mobile Kentucky: Operational Field Test, October 24, 2008 pdf 334.39 KB
PDF icon DHS/S&T/PIA-023 Biometrics Access Control System at the Transportation Security Lab July 1, 2011 pdf 172.67 KB
Created Date: August 19, 2015
Last Published Date: May 28, 2019
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