Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) was mandated by Congress to provide innovative problem solving to challenges to our homeland security; it is the core source of scientific and engineering expertise for the department and uniquely postured to enhance our nation's security and resiliency.


Through collaboration and partnerships within both the directorate and the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE)—the federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, nongovernmental, and private-sector entities, and individuals, families, and communities who share a common national interest in the safety and security of America and the American population—S&T has been able to reach beyond the resources of DHS and rapidly deliver technologies to use in the field. These partnerships provide the foundation for the future and allow us to comprehensively identify capability gaps and exploit the knowledge and expertise within the HSE to address them.

S&T operates in a dynamic environment where new threats and natural hazards suddenly emerge, political perspectives and government priorities shift, and budgets continue to shrink. We have taken steps to ensure we can achieve our goals; however, we fully recognize that this plan and our approach may have to shift to adapt to new circumstances and priorities. In addition to aligning our organization along clear lines of business and developing interdisciplinary teams, we adhere to the strategic principles of partnership, collaboration, and technology foraging. As we meet the ever-evolving risks and opportunities before us, we will work closely with our key constituents to provide the innovation, flexibility, and adaptability our nation's security needs.

2021 Strategic Plan

The S&T 2021 Strategic Plan is predicated upon the current DHS Strategic Plan but also by the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the need for national alignment and agility to secure our nation. It outlines the Directorate’s way forward, to include leading the Department with our technical expertise; forging vital partnerships; ensuring excellence in programs; and as a necessity, maintaining a strong, well-prepared workforce at S&T. From our vision for success to the core values that guide every process, this strategic plan paves the way for research, science, innovation, and resulting technology.

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Read the DHS Science and Technology Directorate Strategic Plan 2021 


The research and development (R&D) community is making significant technology advancements by applying innovative ideas and approaches to complex problems. S&T seeks to leverage this innovative thinking by engaging industry, federal, state, and local governments, academia, national laboratories, and international partners to help identify and develop technologies relevant to homeland security. The S&T Innovation Strategy guides our efforts to discover innovation, partner with innovators to develop technologies, and transition effective solutions to front line operators. 

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