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Preparedness Grants in Focus

Yesterday, we took a broad view on how this year’s preparedness grants are being allocated. It’s a lot of money, but what does it mean for communities across the country? Let’s take a look at where some of this money is going, and how our state and local partners are planning to use it. This is a snapshot of just a few recipients, with highlights of some local news on each set of grants.

Straight to the numbers:

Buffalo: $5.5 million will go to Buffalo and the surrounding areas as part of the Urban Area Security Initiative program. This is a 10 percent increase from the previous year. More from Empire State News.

Oklahoma: $14 million to Oklahoma. $4.4 million specifically for Oklahoma City and $2.2 million for Tulsa. More from the Oklahoman.

Syracuse: $2 million will go to Syracuse specifically for antiterrorism. More from News10Now TV.

San Diego: $16.2 million for preparedness and antiterrorism. More from KPBS-TV.

New York non-profits: “Sixty-one non-profit organizations throughout the city will receive more than $4 million. The money will fund security measures at targeted institutions, namely yeshivas and synagogues. Under the grant program, organizations will receive up to $75,000 that can be used to train security personnel and purchase security cameras.” More from NY-1 TV, New York.

Tampa Bay: $8 million dollars for antiterrorism. More from The St. Petersburg Times and The Tampa Tribune.

Jersey City-Newark: $41 million dollars focusing on “first responders and safety programs.” More from The Jersey Journal.

Tennessee: $20.3 million to be distributed across Tennessee’s 11 Homeland Security Districts. More from The Chattanoogan.

Toledo: $2.2 million for preparedness and security initiatives. More from WTVG-TV.
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