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Private Sector Resources Catalog 3.0

Posted by Douglas A. Smith, Assistant Secretary for the Private Sector

I am pleased to announce the publication of a newly updated and organized Private Sector Resources Catalog. Originally released in May 2010, this catalog will help our private sector partners fulfill their essential role in the Homeland Security Enterprise. As we move forward, we are regularly updating the catalog and working to make sure that our private sector partners get the resources they need.

In addition to a host of new and improved resources in this update, the catalog has also been completely re-organized. It is now easier to quickly browse the resources and find relevant information. Filled with over 400 entries that cover tornado safety to critical infrastructure security, this catalog provides information for all homeland security issues. Moreover, we have also included an index that lists resources by type including: brochures, reports, exercises, trainings, and more.

Programs, such as the Regional Resilience Assessment and America’s Waterway Watch allow our private sector partners to focus on physical security and to do their part to make America safer. Other resources, such as Emergency Planning Exercises and FEMA’s Private Sector Division focus on making our country more prepared and resilient. The other mission areas of cybersecurity, border security, and immigration are also represented in the Catalog

Whether you are an emergency manager at a community college, a cybersecurity specialist at a public utility, or a business continuity specialist at a major corporation, the PSRC has resources to help you need to get the job done. Please visit the Private Sector Resources Catalog webpage to view the full catalog and email with any suggestions or comments.

Published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C.
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