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CPO Participates in Management of Change Event

Soraya Correa
Chief Procurement Officer

On Tuesday I had the privilege of participating in the ACT-IAC Management of Change event in Cambridge, Maryland.  As the moderator for the “Innovations in Procurement” panel, I hosted a panel of forward thinking leaders from government and industry to engage in a lively discussion about how innovative best practices are solving many challenges in our acquisition environment.  I would like to thank our DHS Acquisition Innovation Advocate Eric Cho for participating on the panel and for highlighting success stories from our Procurement Innovation Lab. I also take this opportunity to thank the other panelists, Dave Zvenyach from the General Services Administration, Josh Cohen from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Marc Pearl from the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council.  Each of these panelists added their unique perspective and considerable value to our discussion.  Many thanks to ACT-IAC for coordinating this event and providing a forum for government and industry to exchange ideas!

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