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Acquisition of Disruptive Technologies, Solutions, and Services

Soraya Correa
Chief Procurement Officer

Yesterday, I joined a distinguished panel sponsored by ACT-IAC to discuss the government’s use and acquisition of disruptive technologies, solutions, and services. My co-panelists and subject matter experts included Luke McCormack, former DHS CIO; Margie Graves, Acting Federal CIO; Bob Suda, President of Suda & Associates; and Nate Beuse, an Associate Administrator at the Department of Transportation. Jeff Nulf of NIC Federal moderated the panel, which followed a series of roundtable discussions. Each of these individuals demonstrated a passion for overcoming challenges while integrating innovative technologies into public and private policy, acquisition, and financial environments.

While participating, I was heartened by the camaraderie on this panel as we discussed our perspectives on the subject. The audience of participants in ACT-IAC Partner’s program was engaged with us the entire time, making it a particularly valuable event. Topics of discussion included how to learn from failure, foster cultural changes, and lead by example. I learned quite a bit while participating and I am confident that our panel left attendees with a better understanding of how to be successful as they strive to keep their agencies and organizations leaning forward with adopting technologies – however disruptive they may be.

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