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Midway TSO Heroically Rescues Officer Who Collapses

TSO Jennifer Springhorn is a hero after being in the right place at the right time. Springhorn was working in checked baggage at Chicago’s Midway International Airport (MDW) on July 23 when a fellow officer suddenly suffered a seizure and fell to the floor. She immediately called for a supervisor and paramedics and then moved quickly to keep her fallen colleague safe and comfortable.

She pulled the officer away from the table and wall and turned him onto his side to help his breathing. She also placed a roll of paper towels under the officer’s head.
“I really did not think much of it at the time,” Springhorn said. “I assisted his breathing for a short time as he regained rhythm and was more stable. I just told him, ‘It was okay and help was coming.’”
Midway TSO Jennifer Springhorn
MDW TSO Jennifer Springhorn. (Photo by Dwayne Surney)
 STSO Dwayne Surney, Springhorn’s supervisor, said Springhorn waited with the officer until help arrived.
“TSO Springhorn should be applauded for her ability to remain calm and take action during a stressful situation,” Surney said. “She effectively communicated the situation to me, which resulted in a timely response by EMS. TSO Springhorn is truly an asset to team MDW.”
 FSD Kevin McCarthy praised Springhorn’s “heroic actions,” adding that it “reflects the compassion we have for each other here at MDW.”
“I have had many basic safety courses over the years from summer camp life-saving to four years in the Marines,” Springhorn said. “You just do it, and it happens. Helping in any fashion is always good. I was glad to be there when he needed someone to be there for him, when it came time to act.”
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