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OCPO Publishes its First Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Annual Report

Soraya Correa
Chief Procurement Officer

I am pleased to announce the publication of our first ever Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Annual Report!  As you enjoy reading it, you’ll find detailed information about the PIL framework and highlights of completed procurement projects, process improvements, and webinars. You’ll also find our Fiscal Year 2018 objectives and priorities and learn how to connect with the PIL. The report is accessible from the PIL homepage at

The PIL is promoting a learning culture by providing a framework for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acquisition community to test new ideas and share lessons learned. The work we’re doing in DHS to promote procurement innovation and managed risk-taking is gaining momentum. We want to document and share that momentum with our colleagues in DHS, other federal government agencies, and industry.

My organizational vision for DHS procurement professionals is to serve as “innovative and flexible business advisors delivering the right solutions to enable the DHS mission.” One of my key initiatives in support of that vision was the creation of the PIL. The idea behind the PIL is to create a safe environment to explore, test, and refine innovation in acquisition. It empowers all those involved in the procurement process—not just contracting officers—to take managed, informed risks to improve mission outcomes for DHS, increase efficiencies in procurement, and share and institutionalize best practices.

I thank everyone, from both government and industry, who has collaborated with the PIL thus far, and I look forward to further advancing a culture that embraces innovation at DHS!

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