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The Department of Homeland Security - EAGLE II Determination.

Soraya Correa
Chief Procurement Officer

In December, I met with the Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading-Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II) vendors to inform them of our decision regarding the future of the EAGLE contracts. As a Department, we have decided not to pursue a re-competition of EAGLE II contract.  Rather, the Department will implement the EAGLE Next Generation (Next Gen) program that offers a robust array of options to the DHS information technology (IT) community.

EAGLE Next Gen will not be a single contract vehicle, but instead will be a suite of contract vehicles, including the creation of a portfolio of IT services contract vehicles with a specialized, targeted DHS scope. EAGLE Next Gen will balance the use of existing Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) in conjunction with the portfolio of IT services contract vehicles with specialized, targeted scope.

The need to address constantly evolving IT threats and to modernize DHS technology investments so that we can pursue data, accountability, and transparency in our actions are some of the catalysts driving us to re-conceptualize our IT delivery model.  We conducted a thorough and collaborative analysis across the information technology and procurement communities in identifying DHS’s IT priorities, evaluating the IT services requirements needed to support those priorities, and in establishing an overarching acquisition strategy that enables continued mission success. DHS is firmly committed to continuing to provide opportunities for small businesses through EAGLE Next Gen.  This strategy also ensures adequate competition to provide the best possible solutions to meet DHS needs.  It complies with the Office of Management and Budget request under Category Management that agencies do not unnecessarily duplicate contracts that already serve the Government, as well.

The EAGLE contracts served their purpose well and I would like to express sincere appreciation to contract holders under the EAGLE II contract for the world class support provided to DHS. We will continue to use EAGLE II through the contract expiration in September 2020.

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