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Statement from CISA Director Krebs on Election Security

Release Date: 
February 14, 2019

WASHINGTON – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Christopher C. Krebs released the following statement today on the agency’s election security work:

“The facts speak for themselves, our election efforts are as much as a priority today as they were in 2018.  In fact, just yesterday I testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee and clearly said election security is a top priority for the agency. This week we dispatched two senior officials to an international event focused on foreign interference and just last week we completed a series of meetings with election partners that included a classified briefing. We continue conducting regular vulnerability assessments of election infrastructure and are actively working with State and local election officials every day.

“When we established these task forces, the goal was to bring together a broad set of resources - including temporary detailees from other parts of DHS - to quickly address a specific, emerging threat. We knew that development of a long-term effort would follow, so it should come as no surprise that is exactly what we are building up now. This maturation and evolution of our support to the election security community is a clear recognition that election security is - and will be - a top priority for CISA. Any suggestion to the contrary is disingenuous, and undermines the efforts of the hundreds of men and women throughout DHS who support election security efforts on a regular basis.”


Last Published Date: July 14, 2020
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