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2021 Forum Presentations

Below are the 2021 forum's presentations for reference.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon Cybersecurity in a Cloud Future pdf 538.48 KB 09/15/2021
PDF icon Customer-Driven Thinking for IT Projects pdf 10.28 MB 09/09/2021
PDF icon Let's SiSE Agile Program Requirements! Introducing Simplified Software Estimation (SiSE) pdf 2.23 MB 09/08/2021
PDF icon Adopting a Data Science Paradigm pdf 3.63 MB 09/16/2021
PDF icon Bridging the Gap between Data Science and Cost Analysis pdf 558.6 KB 09/10/2021
PDF icon DoD's Software Acquisition Pathway: Digital Delivery at the Speed of Relevance pdf 4.04 MB 09/12/2021
PDF icon Inherent Risk and Uncertainty of Self-Similar Sizing Scales in Agile Software Development pdf 1.54 MB 09/14/2021
PDF icon Contracting for Flexibility (Agile Development) pdf 1.21 MB 09/14/2021
PDF icon Daily Programmatic Index pdf 1.96 MB 09/09/2021
PDF icon DevSecOps Software Factory Cost Estimation: Squaring the Circle pdf 2.01 MB 09/15/2021
PDF icon Get to the Point. What's the Deal with the Different Function Points Methodologies? pdf 832.52 KB 03/11/2021
PDF icon Introduction to Cloud Computing and Costing pdf 3.47 MB 09/01/2021
PDF icon Machine Learning, Parametric, and Integrated Risk Analytics for Cost Schedule pdf 2.39 MB 09/09/2021
PDF icon The Changing Role of Planning & Analysis in Software Development and Acquisition pdf 2.82 MB 09/16/2021
PDF icon Preparing for Software Negotiations: Adding Value through the IGCE Process pdf 792.94 KB 09/10/2021
PDF icon Agile Release Planning & Integrated Schedule pdf 1.81 MB 09/13/2021
PDF icon Life Cycle Cost Estimating Factors for Cybersecurity in Federal IT Systems pdf 3.28 MB 09/02/2021
PDF icon The Significance of Requirements Quality on Costs and How to Improve Estimates with Automated Requirements QA pdf 4.85 MB 10/21/2021
Created Date: November 10, 2021
Last Published Date: November 22, 2021
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