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Analytic Exchange Program (AEP) Overview and Documents

The AEP  enables U.S government analysts and private sector partners to gain a greater understanding of how their disparate, yet complementary, roles can work in tandem to ensure mission success.  Participants work to create joint analytic products of interest to both the private sector and the U.S. Government.  It focuses on topic areas such as:

  • Private Sector Intelligence Programs
  • Emerging Threats of Deepfake Identities
  • Privacy and Security Implications of 5G Technology
  • Protecting Sensitive Data and Intellectual Property
  • Emerging Threats to Cargo and Port Security
  • Improving U.S. Competitiveness in the Global Market
  • The Evolving Cyber Legal Landscape
  • Threats to U.S. Food and Agriculture Sources

More information can be found in the documents linked below or by emailing

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon 2020 AEP Program Overview pdf 252.48 KB
PDF icon 2020 AEP Topics and Descriptions pdf 176.04 KB
Created Date: July 2, 2018
Last Published Date: November 4, 2019
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