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DHS/CBP/PIA-026 Biometric Exit Mobile Program


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) Planning, Program Analysis, and Evaluation (PPAE) uses wireless handheld CBP Biometric Exit Mobile (BE-Mobile) devices to capture biometric and biographic information in support of its border security mission. DHS is issuing this updated Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to provide notice that CBP is operationalizing the BE-Mobile for permanent use during outbound law enforcement operations at authorized airports. In addition, CBP is expanding the use of the BE-Mobile device to biometric exit projects in the sea and land environments. July 2018

Associated SORN(s):

  • DHS/US-VISIT-004 DHS Automated Biometric Identification System, (June 5, 2007) 72 FR 31080
  • DHS/CBP-006 Automated Targeting System (ATS), (May 22, 2012) 77 FR 30297
  • DHS/CBP-007 Border Crossing Information, (January 25, 2016) 81 FR 4040
  • DHS/CBP-011 U.S. Customs and Border Protection TECS, (Dec. 19, 2008) 73 FR 77799
  • DHS/CBP-021 Arrival and Departure Information System, (November 18, 2015) 80 FR 72081

The current Privacy Impact Assessment and all prior versions are listed below.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
DHS/CBP/PIA-026(a) Biometric Exit Mobile Program - July 2018 PDF 148.17 KB
DHS-CBP-PIA-26 Biometric Exit Mobile Air Test June 18, 2015 PDF 212.06 KB
Comprehensive Exit Program: Air Exit Pilot, May 20, 2009 PDF 208.17 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(i) In conjunction with the Final Rule (73 FR 77473), Enrollment of Additional Aliens in US-VISIT, Feb 10, 2009 PDF 214.2 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(h), April 15, 2008 PDF 288.09 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(g), November 15, 2007 PDF 348.89 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(f), July 12, 2006 PDF 226.6 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(e), March 15, 2006 PDF 214.43 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(d), December 22, 2005 PDF 418.51 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(c), July 1, 2005 PDF 1.20 MB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(b), June 15, 2005 PDF 807.16 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001(a), September 14, 2004 PDF 376.19 KB
DHS/NPPD/PIA-001, December 18, 2003 PDF 292.82 KB
Last Updated: 03/31/2023
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