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DHS Integrated Strategy for High-Risk Management

In March 2018, DHS published its fourteenth Integrated Strategy for High-Risk Management (Integrated Strategy).  The Integrated Strategy provides an overview of progress made by the Department to strengthen management functions and address a related Government Accountability Office (GAO) High-Risk List designation.  The Integrated Strategy includes goals and corrective action plans that directly address 30 GAO outcomes (i.e., desired end-states of maturation for DHS management functions). 

The Department has been recognized by GAO as a model for managing High-Risk List issues. GAO has rated 70% (21 of 30) of outcomes as Fully Addressed or Mostly Addressed, which is an increase from 47% in 2015 and 26% in 2013, demonstrating the Department’s significant progress in strengthening management functions.

In its 2017 High-Risk Series, GAO remarked favorably on the level of DHS leadership commitment and engagement on resolving High-Risk List issues.  Moving forward, DHS will continue to build on this progress by continuing to implement the Integrated Strategy and working with GAO to remove the Department’s management functions from the High-Risk List. The next GAO High-Risk Series report is anticipated for early 2019.

Last Published Date: August 14, 2018
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