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DHS/ALL/PIA-079 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration-Related Information Sharing with U.S. Census Bureau

Pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13880 Collecting Information About Citizenship Status in Connection with the Decennial Census, issued July 11, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is providing the Department of Commerce (DOC), U.S. Census Bureau (Census or Census Bureau) with administrative records to assist in determining the number of citizens, lawfully present non-citizens, and unauthorized immigrants in the United States during the decennial census (2020 Census). DHS will share various data elements that the Census Bureau has articulated a need to know for the purpose of executing the E.O., including personally identifiable information (PII), with Census to (1) update 2020 Census person files, (2) produce Citizen Voting Age Population Statistics, and (3) conduct testing of citizenship models. DHS is publishing this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to describe the establishment of a formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DHS and the Census Bureau and to analyze the collection, use, and dissemination of DHS information by Census. December 2019

Associated SORN(s)

  • DHS/USCIS/ICE/CBP-001 Alien File, Index, and National File Tracking System
  • DHS/USCIS-007 Benefits Information System
  • DHS/USCIS-010 Asylum Information and Pre-Screening System
  • DHS/USCIS-017 Refugee Case Processing and Security Screening Information System
  • DHS/CBP-021 Arrival and Departure Information System
  • DHS/ICE-001 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
Created Date: September 4, 2020
Last Published Date: November 23, 2020
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